Convert your principles into algorithms and have the computer make decisions alongside you -

At some point I want to create an implementation of this. Dalio likely already has something for this but it's not clear to me that there's any decent publicly usable implementation. Below is from...
outsourcing (VWIP) -

soy henry is really cool. ukraine recruiting thing very cool
Checking if Books Replicate -
books, reading, empiricism

I have friends that like the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I thought the book was cool when I read it but I don't have good habits now. Tesler's Law: This law states that there is a certain...
Onward - Marc Andreessen -

TIM: “What advice would you give to Marc, the 20-something, at Netscape?” MARC: “I’ve never for a moment even thought about that. I don’t do replays well. The question I’ll never answer is, ‘What...
How can you increase your actions per minute? -

my friend once told me a story along the lines of...
How could you filter through (most) human knowledge? (a vague idea) -
Recommendation Networks, Learning, Fun

How could you filter through (most) human knowledge? (a vague idea) note: still a work in progress What problem is this idea meant to solve? Human knowledge is terribly vast. What you see every day is...
Humanistic Utilitarianism -
Utilitarian, Happiness
How can you learn and iterate from reality, empirically? -
Empiricism, Learning

There are many problems in my life I have not solved. Why does Mattie make me see reason? Why can't I do it on my own? How do I correct my natural pessimism? What advice would work in my head? How do...
Reflection Cycles -
Metacognition, Experiment

Reflection Cycles Inspired by this post I read a few months ago from Hacker News: from mikekchar I bought a physical HIIT timer with 8m of working/1m reflecting on a specific question: What would the...
You Should Put Books into GPT3 -
GPT3, Guide, Fun, Reading, Learning

you can follow this guide: https://www.pragnakalp.com/question-answering-using-gpt3-examples/ and probably get it working. just upload book. you good then.
Aliveness (title WIP) (post also WIP) -
happiness, desperation

https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=ORqno2YNUVw is one of my favorite songs. It has a feeling of aliveness, assuming the world has meaning. find thing from heroic about aliveness
How refined do posts need to be to not suck? -
Question, Relationships

People like Paul Graham say that they spend a lot of time editing/writing their posts. Is this necessary for posts to be good? What makes a post good? The measure of the value of a post should be the...
Bay Area Rationalist/Effective Altruism Group List -

Bay Area Rationality Server (this is the one I post events to the most) Bay Area ACX Meetups Bay Area Lesswrong Mailing List East Bay Effective Altruism Effective Altruism San Francisco
What does it mean for a relationship to be non-transactional? -
Question, Relationships

please email raj@incrium.com with thoughts
Journal #1 - Why am I so happy? -

I feel good today too. I'm having some sort of feeling like what I had as a child. I don't know what but I quite like it. It's a sort of gentle relaxed power, kind of similar to the solidness of a...
Journal #1 - Why am I so happy? -
Journal, Happiness

I feel pretty happy this morning. I like it a lot. It feels easy to just write and learn. I wish all my mornings were like this. I'm going to try: comment on this...
How Can I Tell If My Brain Is Causing My Pain? -
Pain RSI
How can we make reading not useless? -
Reading, Empiricism

most reading seems not useful by default. usefulness of reading to me is just: how do your moments of reading reverberate over time? Will it change what you're doing 10 years from now? (I will take...
Should you keep a closed or open door? -
Question, Attention

both from You and Your Research by Richard Hamming (https://www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/YouAndYourResearch.html) these are in conflict. when you have an open door policy now, to a large extent this...
Why drink yerba mate and other caffeinated beverages? -
Fun, Sleep, Health

Why drink yerba mate and other caffeinated beverages? For being alert and sleeping better (via caffeine). Why isn’t that a contradiction? Firstly, it doesn’t do those things at the same time...
How true should things be for you to trust them or use them? (VWIP) -
Reflection, Epistemology

I think i have epistemological learned helplessness (link scott) about a lot of things. what is true pragmatically? How true should things be for you to trust them or use them? How to question things...
Should your barrier to ideas be high or low? (VWIP) -

I like generating ideas. Filtering them leads to less ideas generated + potentially good ideas dying. But if I share all ideas with other people. this can be overwhelming or lead to people assuming...
How can you remove energy conservation mechanisms to increase brain performance? -
Neuroscience, Open Question

Sid (of NY) mentioned that when he had a near death experience he was able to think ultra fast about his options for survival, at a level he couldn't normally. He also said he was more hungry...
disipline vs fun -

your right is to work but not its fruits thanks for doing the scent thing Saturday! it was a lot of fun. I've been thinking today about qualia vs. desire and desire is bad discipline, stoicism...
Many Words (VWIP) -
books, reading, empiricism

https://twitter.com/visakanv/status/1026301560668581889 https://twitter.com/visakanv/status/1516594790413996033
Journal #1 - Why am I so stressed? -

Read a great thread by visa, he said he was bad at delivering and felt bad. This has happened to me a lot. I generally feel really bad about mistakes and i think this is largely because i want to...
Image extraction test -

Trooper Link