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TIM: “What advice would you give to Marc, the 20-something, at Netscape?” MARC: “I’ve never for a moment even thought about that. I don’t do replays well. The question I’ll never answer is, ‘What would you have done differently had you known X?’ I never, ever play that game because you didn’t know X. “If you’ve ever read the Elvis Cole novels by the great crime novelist Robert Crais—Elvis Cole is this kind of postmodern, L.A. private detective. They’re great novels, and he’s got this partner, Joe Pike. He’s my favorite fictional character, maybe of all time. He’s a former Marine Force Recon guy, so a lot like your friend Jocko. And in the novels, Joe Pike always wears the same outfit every day. He wears jeans, he wears a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, and mirrored aviator sunglasses. He’s got bright red arrows tattooed on his deltoids pointing forward. And, basically, his entire thing is ‘forward.’” TIM: “So that’s how you feel?” MARC: “Forward, like: We don’t stop. We don’t slow down. We don’t revisit past decisions. We don’t second guess. So, honestly, that question, I have no idea how to answer.” TIM: “I think you just did.” MARC: “Okay, good. Onward.”


Tools of Titans (227:0 -> 233:569) -- (Marc Andreessen)


Timothy Ferriss


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